Our Show

This year we present a duet featuring Drew Magic and Dazzling Dan. Dan, at 14 years old, debuted in the Fringe last year as part of Magic on the Edge.
Our show provides the opportuinity to showcase magicians from the International Brotherhood of Magicians in Australia's largest arts festival.

  • Drew Magic is the senior lead, but not always the wisest of wizzards;
  • Dazzling Dan, although young has a few things to show the "old man".

This is a unique and custom built show for this year's Fringe. As part of the development of club members, being part of the Fringe allows the ability to grow and develop new material.

Previous seasons of Magic on the Edge have lead to the launch of other quality shows this year including:

  • Magic McMagicface - Sounds like a kids show but he is a very sophisticated and elegant card magician.
  • Enigmatic Papa Burf - An targeted look at mystery tied up in adult humor and dad jokes!
  • Robbie Kay - Conjure your belief - Actually, Robbie was the germination of the idea for Magic on the Edge. He stepped out solo and has always put on a great show.

Actually, we are proud to be able to claim that local members of the magic club represent 20% of the magic in the Fringe Guide this year.

Performance Schedule

This year, we are based in Tandayna's Third Space at 253 Grenfell St.

Wednesday 20 February6:45pm
Thursday 21 February6:45pm
Friday 22 February6:45pm
Saturday 23 February6:45pm
Sunday 24 February6:45pm
Saturday 16 March3:30pm
Sunday 17 March3:30pm

Our Magicians

Drew Magic

Drew Magic

Drew Ames

Dan Daminato

Dazzling Dan

Dan Daminato

We are expertly assisted with technical support, artisitc input and transport services from other anonymous experts. Please let us take this opportunity to publiclly thank you for your input.

Attention YEP! Coordinators

Are you a YEP! coordinator or artistic leader for your school? This section is for you.

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Story of youth artist development

Contact us to discuss a workshop about the development of the show and building a script. We could demonstrate and teach some introductory magic tricks.

Pic 02

Story of experience and joining the Fringe

We can talk about what happens in developing a Fringe show What is it like the first time and how to cope with nerves, etc.

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Custom workshops

With the unique attribute of a performer in their age group, tak to us about a message you may want to share with your students and we will wrap it in magic.

Contact us Directly

We are available for shows or workshops independently. Contact us directly for your next OSHC event, Incursion, Birthday Party (adults and children), Engagement Party, Wedding or Corporate function.

Email MoTE@drewmagic.com.au
Facebook @MagicOnTheEdge
Here is our Media ReleaseMagic on The Edge.pdf